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Maasai Tradition and Culture :

The Maasai are pastoralists. This is characterized by their constant movement in search of greener pastures for the livestock which is their main source of livelihood. Due to this kind of lifestyle they do not have permanent houses.

masai1In Tanzania the Maasai are mainly found in the Arusha region concentrating in  Monduli, Loliondo, Arumeru and Ngorongoro areas. They normally live in clans which are characterized by a cluster of their mud houses built closely next to each other and referred to as a “Boma”. These Bomas are built in largely open areas where they can accommodate their livestock as well and fenced off with thorny bushes for protection.
The Maasai people who are living around the Ngorongoro Conservation Area are a big attraction to tourism due to their rich culture. Their way of living and dressing is a big amusement to the Western world, thus attracting tourists in large numbers, aiding the countries economy and opportunities.

Their main color of dressing is bright red; they plaster themselves with red ocher dung, dug from the ground and softened with cow fat. The liquid mixture is applied to the garments thus turning them red. They normally sit and sleep on the ground thus the red color matches with the look of the soil. Since they do not wash their clothes, water is very scarce, this mixture hides the dirt and they will always look clean




Datoga Tradition and Culture :


dumbe2Residing along the banks of the Lake Eyasi in Tanzania, the Datoga tribe are a relatively peaceful people particularly skilled at farming. These indigenous people consider themselves the oldest tribe in Tanzania (bushmen also claim to this fame). The Bushmen are said to be more than 10,000 years old and the second oldest people on earth. The Bushmen or “the forgotten people”, have been in this area hunting/gathering and living their traditional lifestyle.

datoga The Datoga are a proud people and have a reputation as being fierce warriors. Young Datoga men prove themselves by killing any human being who was not a Datoga and, therefore, considered an enemy. They also proved themselves by killing dangerous wild animals, such as a buffalo, lion, or elephant. The Datoga adapt to their new environments and dress in reddish brown color of soil. The colorful reddish color clothing worn by Datoga women are patched leather dresses. They also wear bead work, brass bracelets, and necklaces. The Datoga are also distinguishable by their decorative tattooing in circular patterns around their eyes

datCattle are the Datoga’s most important domestic animal. They also herd goats, donkeys, sheep, and raise chickens. Similar to the Maasai culture they eat meat, cow dung, hide fat, milk, horns, blood, tendons for either practical or ritual reasons